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Coffeeshop futanari

Dmitry draws some of the best futanari porn I’ve ever seen, especially if you like big meaty hard cocks and realistic looking athletic female bodies.  This particular shot is pretty cool with the attention to details like the ‘starfucks’ logo that looks similar to Starbucks logo.  And you don’t get a full frontal or backside shot of the futa but a semi side view so you get a hint of her cock and her ass at once very nice I think.  How many of you would like this dickgirl to shoot her cream into your coffee every morning?
dmitrys futa starbucks creamer

Dmitry's Futa


M&M dickgirl

HAHAHA funniest futanari porn I have seen yet!  You know how the M&M company runs commercials with the candies acting like humans, what if the ‘female’ M&M was really a dickgirl with a cock under that hard candy shell?  Well wonder no more, I present Dickgirl M&M with a chocolate cock.

m and m dickgirl parody

6teen Futanari porn

Canadian animated series 6teen has some fans that turned the characters into futanari!  Imagine Caitlin Cooke, Jen Masterson, Nikki Wong as futanari hentai with big dicks and the teenage hormones that make it hard to control their erections and cumshots… Yep 6Teen will never be the same after you see these free pics.

Futa Toon


Futanari sex with Amputee

Iri-neko has drawn the most extremely surprising futanari porn I have seen yet!  A beautiful horny futanari having sex with a quad amputee!!  The girl has no legs and no arms but her pussy is fine so the futa just picks her up and slides her cock inside!  This is crazy and perverted and so damn arousing to me, I mean the amputee can’t really stop the futa from using her cunt as a cum bucket anytime she wants… Anyone else think this is soo wrong yet you wan’t your own quad amputee to fuck??  (ooohhhh what if it was a futanari amputee?!)

futanari fucking amputee


The Futanari