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Project Alice is futanari mutation

The real secret of Umbrella Corp in Resident Evil is that Project Alice turned Alice Abernathy into a futanari with crazy hormones making her horny all the time.  As evidence this image from artist Thriller shows Project Alice ass fucking Jill Valentine with her futanari cock!  The pain, surprise and lust on their faces is awesome and the closeup of Alices futa cock about to penetrate Jills virgin butthole is over the top!


Resident Evil futanari fantasy

Sheva Alomar has captured Jill Valentine and discovered she has mutated into a big dick futanari along with being under Umbrella Corps mind control.  Not wanting to waste a huge cock Sheva strips Jill Valentine naked and steps on her cock to keep her from running away while she figures out if she can jam that monster dick into her black pussy!


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Resident Evil futanari orgy

Resident Evil Fans; Ada Wong, Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, Devil HS, and Jill Valentine in hardcore sex with the ‘girls’ having mutated into futanari.  Umbrella Corp should release this virus asap if it makes all hot girls into big dicked futa’s like this I mean look at the cum production these mutants are creating it’s fucking awesome!  Artist Sheva Alomar

Ada_Wong Albert_Wesker Chris_Redfield Devil_HS Jill_Valentine Resident_Evil Sheva_Alomar

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