Sonya Blade futanari

Sonya Blade is a video game character from Mortal Kombat with a hard body formed from fighting and ripped abs she is beautiful too.  Luckily sweetslumber decided to reveal her special secret and expose Sonya Blade as a futanari with a meaty dick that might be considered a weapon for use in the game!  Enjoy this shot of Sonya with her hard dick in hand dripping precum and her six pack abs exposed.

Sonya Blade by sweetslumber

Vitalis futa beach sex

Vitalis has drawn some great futanari porn featuring four futas at the beach, some as hot dog vendors (ironic right) and others as lucky hard cocked tourists that get to fuck the vendors ass and squirt extra cum sauce on the hotdogs.  I love how he even drew an xray style shot so you can see the futa cock shoved deep up the bottoms rectum!